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Barb Berta, Owner
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About Classic by Design
Classic by Design was started in 2004 with an idea to make available to the general public, builders, designers, family and friends a quality cabinet at an affordable price. I selected Fieldstone Cabinetry because of its quality, limited lifetime warranty, its customer service and the ability to make every project a perfect fit. I already knew my price point would be outstanding because I would be working from my home and presenting to the customer in their home so I can give an exceptional value with a great price. Customer Service with communication is one of my top priorities and can be because I partner with one of the best, Fieldstone Cabinetry. My goals are to give each customer the opportunity to have the kitchen of their dreams at an affordable price with a top quality product. 
As a business owner and designer I stay up with the industry with trade publications, shows, seminars as well as webinars usually attending at least one of these a month. My background in construction began over 40 years ago with my husband who owned a construction business and was always in need of “just a little help”. A close friend, who is also in the cabinetry business, starting me thinking there was a need for small builders and home owners to be able to put top quality cabinetry in their homes at a price that was affordable, so I decided this was a perfect fit for me. Fieldstone Cabinetry can only be purchased through an authorized dealer so builders and homeowners alike must purchase from a dealer. This is a very rewarding job because when you start a project it may be with something outdated and not very functional or maybe totally empty and when the project is finished you have completed the dreams of your customer. Every project has unexpected problems and hidden surprises but the job is only finished when the customer is satisfied.  
Committed to helping our customers achieve their dreams
What the customers are saying:

 "Barb designed, ordered and supervised the installation and was always on top of the project."

 "It is a pleasure in this day and age to find someone who provides the extra 10% of service that is the difference between a good and a great job."

 "She wasn't happy until we were happy"

 "It was obvious that Barb was very knowledgeable and has an excellent working relationship with the manufacturer"

 "There are other products on the market for quality, but we cannot imagine any other source that would offer Barb Berta's level of customer service."